04 March 2012

Sundays do rock... in its [my] own way.

A few Sundays back, I took a picture of my coffee, bread, and some fruit slices while reading that day's newspaper. I said it was an ideal Sunday morning. Then, this.

I am posting this from a trip I had with my siblings at Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales.

 I have just finished my tapsilog and was having my brewed coffee
when I took this picture (Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales).
No need for JBL Subwoofers -- the sound of the waves is rock music at its best!

I guess you won't be disappointed when I say, I did stop and smell the flowers. :-)

Happy Sunday morning, everyone!


Angeli said...

hi eks. magandang hapon sa 'yo. hindi na kita mahanap sa FB...

eks said...

hello, angeli! sorry, di man lang ako nakapag-paalam. i deleted my fb account. medo di ako nakakatapos ng trabaho e. (hehehe, wala talaga akong will power na gawin o labanan ang mga bagay-bagay.) kaya yun. :-)

i'm thinking of making a FAN page for myself. wahahahaa! that's just plain vanity no? i like it. :-D

Angeli said...

you deleted your account? seriously?

buti na lang may ekstranghero's trip pa rin. at least we can still stay in touch.

go for that FAN page. i will be one of your fans, of course.