18 March 2012

More waves

Yesterday, I and my bro visited Capones Vista (Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales) again. I liked the place because you really can relax. It doesn't have pool heat pumps or steam baths but there is a pool (and a very good one at that) right in front of the rooms/cottages. You may ask: What the h#$# is the pool for when you are in front of the beach? Well, you see, sometimes the waves get rough – really, really rough – to the point that the resort staff would advise you to stay away from the shore unless you really know how to swim. Hence, the pool. :-)

It was mostly for a work-related reason when we visited the resort for the first two instances. So, we were not really able to enjoy it to the fullest. I told myself the next time I'll go there, I won't have a laptop, a pen, or anything closely related to work with me.

It would be for leisure!

That's Capones Island, and I haven't been there yet. Next time!

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sheng said...

I would love a good rest in the island too, maybe soon, these times of the year is just not for the beach-sort-of-moment for me.