11 January 2012

Masaya ito

If one's failure to disclose SALNs is now an impeachable offense, then a long list of officials should also now be expunged from public office, including Ombudsman Carpio-Morales and by their own assertion, even 185 of the 188 members of the 15th Congress who filed the impeachment complaint against Corona but have not disclosed copies of their own SALNs.
From InterAksyon's report: SC justices, Ombudsman, House keep SALNs secret

Kakaiba. On Monday, the Impeachment trial will officially start. I had to include "officially" because Tupas and team have already started their unofficial trial a few weeks ago -- presscon here, presscon there. %$#@%. Funny thing is that we all know these guys are just fighting for power, and not really on justice and fairness. We all know that for every papag that a Filipino has, these high-ranking officials have a number of undisclosed log beds in their possession. Sus, unahan lang ang mga ito na magbintang sa isa't-isa.

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sheng said...

So true! That's why I don't listen to that crap anymore.