23 September 2013

i almost can't believe this

What an achievement!

Solis is a political science alumnus of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. He is currently taking up his Masters in Public Administration at the National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP NCPAG). He is a member of the UP Debate Society and has competed in debate competitions around Asia.

He was also a Japan Student Services Association exchange scholar at the Faculty of Law of the Kyushu University in Japan. He was also awarded by the International Debate Education Association a scholarship to Thailand and the Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Youth Scholarship Student Ambassadorial grant to Japan in 2010.

Solis... the UP student who plagiarized award-winning photos... not just once, not twice, but five times.

20 August 2013

Habagat 2013 Day 3

What's Up, Philippines?!

It's been a while since I wrote my last post here.  Been a busy a bit, but now, I am thinking of posting some more stuff here. So, just hang on in there. I'll be back here soon.

Promise. ;-)

04 June 2013

mocha & ccino's nap time

i was working my a55 out and these two creatures are just sleeping.. not worrying about anything. hehehe. all they do the whole day is play. :-)

buti pa ang dalawang ito... patulog-tulog lang. hehehe.

16 April 2013


i have been listening to my music playlist lately again. i love music, i do, but sometimes, i tend to get too absorbed in working. very wrong indeed, but it happens to me (and probably to some of you as well).

a few days ago, a friend of mine gave me an MP3 file of a song she likes, and she wanted me to listen to it. and whoala! it was as if the music lover in me was unleashed! for the last few days, i don't feel very satisfied if i don't have immediate access to my phone because i always have this feeling that i need to hear music while working, while walking, while doing anything at all. 

it's not becoming a distraction so i don't have any problem with that. so, if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift for whatever occasion, a classic acoustic guitar tuner will do (leveling up, huh?!). :-)

have a great week ahead!