13 June 2015

don't think, think, think... just do, do,do!

That's one of the many Barney-isms we should all aspire of doing. Sometimes. You see, I have so many to-dos right now, including - but not limited to - the following: 

  1. Installing a solar panel at home. Something that can at least guarantee a couple of light bulbs during nigh time, with or without electricity. A couple of light bulbs off-the-grid, so to speak.
  2. Get a gym membership somewhere. This has been a decade-long to-do already. Fast track, fast track!
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Read another non-fiction book. Then a fiction.
  5. Go on a road trip somewhere. Eat some __-si-logs along the way. Or perhaps hunt for the best bulalo.
  6. Let go of my old laptop by organizing my files to another machine.
Hayyyyy... And heto pa: I was actually thinking of making another blog/webpage, but I realized, I already have this And I already have you. So, why make another site? 

Hence, this post. Hopefully, I will able to write at least once a week. 


"Major" makeover to follow. Hehehe.

live long and prosper.

12 January 2015

e[K]stranghero 2.0

This blog is about to receive a major makeover. And I hope you, my friends, will be here to witness this.

Kidding aside, I wanted to write (blog) again this year onwards so I can stretch those neurons again and hopefully, become more disciplined this time. Last time (from September 23, 2013 and earlier, when I wrote my last post), I was a bit sidetracked by advertisements and paid posts that most of my blog posts were "forced" and note from my heart. So, this time, I'll try to set aside money-making. (Please, don't tempt me, advertisers.)

If I can, I want to focus my blog posts on a few areas only. You'll know what they are when you see them. Grown-up posts this time.  ;-) I hope.

So, see you soon, blogger-verse!

Note: Or maybe I will switch to Wordpress - I will let you know. This post is just a warm up. Hehehe.

23 September 2013

i almost can't believe this

What an achievement!

Solis is a political science alumnus of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. He is currently taking up his Masters in Public Administration at the National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP NCPAG). He is a member of the UP Debate Society and has competed in debate competitions around Asia.

He was also a Japan Student Services Association exchange scholar at the Faculty of Law of the Kyushu University in Japan. He was also awarded by the International Debate Education Association a scholarship to Thailand and the Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Youth Scholarship Student Ambassadorial grant to Japan in 2010.

Solis... the UP student who plagiarized award-winning photos... not just once, not twice, but five times.

20 August 2013

Habagat 2013 Day 3

What's Up, Philippines?!

It's been a while since I wrote my last post here.  Been a busy a bit, but now, I am thinking of posting some more stuff here. So, just hang on in there. I'll be back here soon.

Promise. ;-)

04 June 2013

mocha & ccino's nap time

i was working my a55 out and these two creatures are just sleeping.. not worrying about anything. hehehe. all they do the whole day is play. :-)

buti pa ang dalawang ito... patulog-tulog lang. hehehe.